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Thom Craver

Director of Analytics


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Google: 224 Million 'Bad Ads' Disabled in 2012


Once again, the Google AdWords team has reported on its continued efforts to eliminate bad AdWords ads. This year, they've released an infographic that recounts all they have done over the past year to reduce the number of bad ads that appeared.

Google Debunks Dead Donkey Maps Image


Google released new images to prove that a donkey was not in fact taking a dirt nap after being run over by a Google Street View car. Rather, trying to put conspiracy theories to rest, Google's images show the donkey was merely taking a dust bath.

Meet Izik: Tablet-Friendly Search From Blekko


Izik is a new search experience built specifically with the iPad and Android tablets in mind using Blekko's algorithms, sans-spam thanks to human curating. The goal in creating Izik was to change search to be more touch-friendly on tablets.

Inside Bing's Spell Checker


Search engines auto-correcting your spelling mistakes is almost expected nowadays. Recently Bing gave a sneak peak of what goes into making a great spell checking engine and how it makes search feel like magic to its users.