Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb

Marketing Evangelist


A subject matter expert in information security and data privacy with extensive experience in digital marketing, Stephen Cobb is a Security Evangelist with ESET, working to increase awareness and understanding of cybersecurity issues. Stephen is a Certified Information System Security Professional and is based in San Diego at ESET's North American headquarters.

Stephen is also a pioneer of content-driven, pull-marketing, having penned two dozen books, hundreds of articles, and more than 1,500 blog posts. An enthusiastic digital marketing evangelist, Stephen Cobb has spearheaded online marketing for a series of successful high-tech startups.

Articles by Stephen Cobb

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Spell It Right

You may think typos in website copy are the least of your concerns, but bad spelling can cost you "deop in the pursa." Here are some reasons why typos hurt your conversion rates and some basic solutions to ensure your copy is clean and accurate.

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Testing website content and features is a vital part of conversion rate optimization but sometimes carrying out the tests you want must wait until you've done the tests you need take your site to the next level of optimization.