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Thi Thumasathit

Thi Thumasathit

VP of New Business


Thi Thumasathit is VP of New Business at Adchemy, a leading provider of advertising technology for large brands and retailers.

Articles by Thi Thumasathit

  1. How to Make Call to Actions More Effective

    CTAs tend to perform differently across verticals –there is not a one-size fits-all approach for selecting the highest performers. Keeping an eye on CTAs and analyzing their performance will help you maximize the effectiveness and ROAS of campaigns.

  2. Broad Match: Desperately Seeking Cinderella

    Solely utilizing broad match can return the equivalent of a long line of ugly stepsisters -- and channel the real Cinderellas to other marketers-in-waiting. Here's how broad match can improve your search campaigns.

  3. Wag the Dog: The Tail of Bid Management

    Search marketers need to focus on maximizing relevance and conversion before bid management. Relying exclusively on bid management solutions to drive the success of a search campaign is letting the tail wag the dog.