Gary-Adam Shannon

Gary-Adam Shannon

Originally from Australia, Gary-Adam Shannon started his web career at the age of sixteen by figuring out ways to monetize chat-room traffic with programmatically dark arts, today known as "blackhat". Gary has worked for large domain portfolio monetization companies, lead generation businesses and has a broad range of skills ranging from system administration, to programming and all facets of internet marketing. After spending a couple of years in the UK honing his blackhat methods, learning whitehat and everything in between, Gary now lives in Las Vegas, NV where he heads up a small team of professionals that specialize in SEM for high end domain portfolio owners that cover an assortment of verticals. Gary maintains a blog and has been known to unleash secret source from time to time.

Articles by Gary-Adam Shannon

Transitioning Away From Affiliate Marketing


Pick one thing and stick to it. You can never successfully create a sustainable business by slamming out hundreds of mini-sites and doing a shotgun approach. Find what you love and start working on ways to make it generate money for you.