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Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier


Room 214

Jason Cormier is co-founder of Room 214, an award-winning social media agency focused on providing business intelligence, social program management, and application development for large and emerging brands.

Jason serves as chief strategist to the "214 Apps" team, providing guidance on custom Facebook applications development, mobile, and marketing dashboard products.

His career on the web began in 1996 when he launched the web development firm, Flash Internet, out of a computer lab at Santa Barbara City College. Gaining recognition as an expert in web usability and information architecture, he sold his firm to public company, NetLojix, in 2000.

In 2003, Jason partnered with former high-school friend and hi-tech public relations owner, James Clark to develop marketing systems strategically combining SEO, SEM, blog and content syndication.

Room 214 was born the following year, with Jason eventually helping to pioneer social media efforts for companies including Travel Channel, SmartyPig, Qwest and Sanrio/Hello Kitty.

Articles by Jason Cormier

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