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Jon Schepke


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Jon Schepke is an Internet marketing industry veteran who has been in the space for over a decade. Since the mid-1990s, Jon's passions for technology and marketing have driven innovative marketing strategies that have focused on achieving significant ROI for multiple Fortune 1000 companies. Jon's broad understanding of the space includes all facets of Internet marketing, technology, Web analytics, mobile marketing, research, and tracking.

Jon started SIM Partners in January 2006 to help clients take advantage of the fast-paced changes in the industry. In addition to providing a standard suite of eCommerce services, SIM Partners is helping clients optimize their businesses with their local search marketing platform, Web video production, distribution and promotion, Mobile Marketing Platform, social media strategies, and mobile applications (iPhone, Android, etc.).

Articles by Jon Schepke

  1. 4 Steps to Maximize Local Search Success

    Extending a local experience throughout the entire process should be the goal of all local marketing campaigns. Relevant search ads, localized landing pages, owned and earned media, and a blended cost analysis all provide a recipe for success.

  2. 4 Tactics to Drive Incremental Local SEO Performance

    After you've covered all the local SEO basics, explore these additional opportunities to enhance the program and further improve results: Google+ verification, optimization, and promotion; Yelp optimization; and video production and optimization.

  3. Social Strategy for Regulated Industries

    Brands in financial services, insurance, health care and other highly regulated industries must adopt compliant social media strategy and processes or risk big losses in search visibility. Here's how brands can harness the power of social signals.

  4. 5 Reasons Search Marketers Shouldn't Discount Bing

    Although Google still retains its overwhelming 2-to-1 lead, with Bing’s market share now exceeding the 30 percent mark (including powering Yahoo search), there are a number of reasons search marketers shouldn’t discount it. Here are five of them.