Mathieu Burgerhout

Mathieu Burgerhout

SEO Consultant

Mathieu Burgerhout is a full-time SEO consultant in the Netherlands with more than five years experience. Although big clients in heavily competed industries are a daily routine, Mathieu is very involved with a lot of smaller local businesses. Main purpose: Experiment, faster improvements and results, and be as creative as you can. Everything that can improve business, leads, or rankings is worthwile trying.

Articles by Mathieu Burgerhout

SEO & Webrings: Reinventing the 'Link Wheel'?


Websites usually joined a webring to receive more traffic from related sites. Back in the day, webrings could be considered a search engine optimization technique. If you want to reinvent a (retro-looking) Webring as 2.0, here’s one way to do it.