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Ray "Catfish" Comstock is Director of SEO at BusinessOnline, a performance driven digital marketing agency with a 14-year track record of successfully leveraging deep user insights and a data driven approach to help companies improve customer relationships and campaign ROI. Ray has more than 15 years in the search marketing industry, specializing exclusively in organic search engine optimization and social media strategy. He has presented at numerous industry conferences, including SES Conference & Expo, PubCon, and the Online Marketing Summit (OMS). He is also a contributing author to the BusinessOnline Blog and has been quoted extensively in trade and business publications.

Articles by Ray "Catfish" Comstock

  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    The next time someone tries to tell you that SEO is dead or that SEO is completely changed, just ignore all of that chatter. SEO is going to be here for the foreseeable future because it still produces an excellent ROI and improves user experience.

  2. Defining an Enterprise SEO Strategy

    This approach to enterprise SEO campaigns should give you a solid foundation on the basics of constructing a program that makes sense, is efficient, and maximizes your resources. In other words, it's a pretty solid SEO strategy.

  3. 10 Lessons About Enterprise SEO

    From giving SEO recommendations proper prioritization, to integrating social with SEO, and to developing a strong training and communication structure, these lessons will give you tangible ideas on how to improve your own enterprise SEO campaign.

  4. A 6 Step Process for Keyword Research

    Any good SEO campaign starts with proper keyword identification and categorization. The following keyword research process will provide a good structure and solid foundation for identifying, expanding, and prioritizing the keywords in your universe.

  5. 4 SEO Recommendations to Target the Long Tail

    For many enterprise companies, long tail keyword traffic is important because it drives the lion's share of search traffic. These actionable recommendations will help you increase the amount of total targeted, organic search traffic to your website.

  6. 4 Big Reasons Why SEO Will Never Die

    SEO isn’t dead (if you believe this, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you). There will always be a need to better understand the language being used by customers to find you, and to scale that keyword focus across your entire digital landscape.

  7. 10 Steps to a Successful SEO Migration Strategy

    It’s important to set up permanent redirects from old pages to new ones in order to help search engines and users understand where the content has moved. Here’s an outline of a strategy to ensure that everything goes smoothly during SEO migration.

  8. 3 Things to Remember When Selling SEO Services

    Whether you’re making SEO sales pitches to startups or Fortune 100 companies, there are three things that can help you successfully win new SEO business. Keep it simple, have a plan, and be passionate about what you do. Here’s how to do it.

  9. Using Data to Drive SEO Results

    The data analytics process can be divided into three main phases: performance reporting, opportunity identification, and prioritization. This article will define those phases, what data is considered, and what actions result from that analysis.

  10. How to Make SEO Part of Your Company’s DNA

    Infusing search engine optimization into a company's day-to-day culture is a long-term strategy and doesn't happen overnight. It's not a one shot deal. It takes time, repetition, patience – and even empathy.  In today's digital world,…

  11. 3 Use Cases for SEO Tools

    If you want to improve your SEO campaign, especially if you have a large website, it may be worth your time to investigate what modern SEO tools can do to make you more efficient and help you attain better results.