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Avril Korman

Avril Korman


Damned Good Design

Avril Korman is a professional designer. In SL she can be found as Axi Kurmin, and is the co-owner of Urban Forge Virtuatecture and the owner of Virtual Alchemy Photography and Damned Good Design (in both RL and SL.)

Articles by Avril Korman

  1. Linden Lab Must Stop Tinkering With Our Income

    People make real money in Second Life by selling virtual goods. Whilst the days of being a millionaire on virtual cash are gone, money is money and Linden Lab have an annoying habit of breaking things that real people’s livelihoods rely on.

  2. Mesh Gets a Release Timeline for Second Life

    As mentioned recently, things have been busy down at Linden Lab. While search is scheduled to be revamped, the other big news, announced on May 31 was the promised timeline for the introduction of Mesh to the live Second Life grid. According to...

  3. Search For Tomorrow: Linden Lab Upgrades InWorld Search

    A lot of new and interesting things happen in relation to Second Life. Meeroos, a timeline for Mesh, The Great Facebook Avatar Deletion. But this week I'm going to discuss Linden Lab claims that the in-world search engine by completely rebuilding it.