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Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines

Freelance Writer

Kristi Hines Media LLC

Kristi Hines is a self-employed freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her previous experience in search engine marketing and providing link building services allows her to share insights into all areas of online marketing for bloggers and businesses.

Articles by Kristi Hines

  1. How to Build Links to Your Social Profiles

    In addition to helping your site will rank well in the search results, building links to your social profiles will help increase exposure for your company. Here are some ways to build links (both internal and external) to your social profiles.

  2. Twitter Analytics: A Beginner's Guide

    You'll find some very useful information in Twitter Analytics, including timeline activity, follower demographics, and website analytics. Here's what you can learn from the official Twitter Analytics, as well as some alternative options.

  3. Monitoring Your SEO Clients with Cyfe

    Have trouble keeping up with everything when managing multiple SEO campaigns? Cyfe is an all-in-one business analytics tool that let you create dashboards with multiple widgets organizing SEO data, competitor stats, brand mentions, email, and more.

  4. Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

    How to edit and keyword optimize your Facebook fan page. Beyond editing and optimizing your page’s title, meta description and H1, you also need to optimize other areas –your page updates, notes, and discussion topics – that pull SEO elements.

  5. Why Your Link Requests Are Failing

    You need to stop link building and start content development. The types of content that people will want to link to offer value, such as how to guides, tutorials, detailed histories, facts about the industry, current trends, videos, and so forth.

  6. Paying for Search Rankings - Is Everyone Doing It?

    Some paid links are considered relatively evil, but others are much more widely accepted. Some may not like to admit it, but these strategies are all considered paid links – it all boils down to money (or items of value) being exchanged for a link.

  7. A Few Simple Tricks to Getting Links on Autopilot

    Three strategies you can implement that get links back to your website, such as having a great email signature, including your link on all social profiles, creating a badge for your site, and making it easy to link to content.

  8. Safeguarding Your PC When Link Building

    Here's what you can do to protect your computer while checking out your competitors' backlinks and avoid losing valuable productivity time if your machine gets infected with malware.

  9. Win the Best High Volume Links

    Some tips for getting the best of your client's competitors' links for higher volume while still sticking to your principles of better link quality.