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Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne

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Articles by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

  1. Link Bait Sucks...Except When It’s Awesome!

    A piece of work that has been given a legitimate effort and the right amount of due diligence deserves links and the title of link bait. If it's common content that serves a purpose but isn’t extraordinary, it's not link bait. It's just content.

  2. 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Links Better

    Blog links can be a great way to pump up a link profile. They can be good for your brand and rankings, but they can have some drawbacks. Here are a few proactive and preventative measures to fight the dampening of link velocity from blog links.

  3. 4 Reasons Your Link Request Might be Rejected

    Creating a successful link request is about more than just using someone’s name on the “About” page. If the silence is deafening, then most likely, it’s you, not them. Here are a few reasons why even personalized link requests may be declined.

  4. The Lost Art of the Personal Link Request

    When was the last time you got a truly decent link request? I honestly can’t even remember. Where have all the honest, compelling, link requests gone? It’s kind of like “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” only with fewer hi…

  5. You Are the Ultimate Link Building Tool

    Killer SEO tools can definitely strengthen a link building campaign and help with data collection, organization, and presentation. Ultimately, though, these tools are nothing without the minds and hands controlling them.

  6. Link Lovers From Hell

    Warning! These are some of the more undesirable link partners you'll come across on the web -- sites you definitely don't want to take home to mom.