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Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Sale & Marketing Manager


Jennifer Van Iderstyne is the Sale & Marketing Manager with Internet Marketing Ninjas, formerly WeBuildPages. IMN is a full service Internet Marketing company based out of Clifton Park NY. Jen enjoys building links, practicing her stealth and throwing ninja stars.

Articles by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

  1. Maybe We Should Break Up With Google

    Quit obsessing about top rankings. If your business relies too heavily on organic search traffic from Google, maybe it's time to alleviate that dependence. Chase healthier goals: being the most competitive, relevant, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

  2. Life After a Link Apocalypse

    What happens if your site gets hit by Penguin or a manual penalty, you lose rankings for your main keywords, and you can't get traffic back? Whether you endure is entirely dependent on your willingness to do more with less and evolve your business.

  3. The Art of SEO Direction

    In SEO, where you're moving to and when you get there is a matter of perspective, timing, vision, and action. With planning and patience, you will discover that, despite big challenges, what you always thought might be possible, actual could be.

  4. The 'New SEO' is Plain Old Marketing

    Sometimes moving forward means going all the way back to the beginning. Even if the SEO tricks are dying out the, technical aspects like speed, structure and optimized hierarchy still matter; the definition of SEO isn't shrinking, but expanding.

  5. The Causal Nexus of SEO

    Everything you do won't necessarily lead directly to more rankings, traffic, or sales, but that doesn't mean it didn't work; it may simply be the first domino to fall. Here are three important reminders as you navigate today's convoluted SEO path.

  6. The 5 Stages of Google Update Grief

    Someone going through a difficult time, such as rebuilding after a major Google update, will go through a basic, universal grieving process – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Then you'll be ready to start over with your SEO.

  7. The Value of Lower Search Volume

    Big numbers are a big factor when deciding what makes for a “good” keyword to optimize for, but not the only one. Keywords are more effective as an ensemble, so try not to see only the leads when there is an entire cast of characters on the stage.

  8. How Often Do You Optimize?

    When you launch a new site or enter the SEO game for the first time, one of the first steps is spending some quality time working on on-page optimization. But once you’ve finished your work, then what? How often do you optimize, or re-optimize?

  9. Keeping Competitive Analysis Healthy

    Whether you’re launching a new vertical or trying to dominate a small niche, analyzing your competitors is crucial. Healthy competitive analysis provides ideas for ways to improve keyword targeting, content quality, link building tactics, and more.

  10. Where Good Content Goes Wrong

    If your content isn't helping you build the kinds of future-proof links that your site needs, take a good look at your content and see if it runs up against some of these common content weaknesses. And if so, there are some ways to re-vitalize it.

  11. How to Get Rid of Unwanted Backlinks

    Hit by a Google penalty because low-quality sites are linking to yours? This process will help you conduct a backlink audit of your website, drill down to identify bad links, and share tools to help you hunt down people who can remove those links.

  12. Is Your Link Strategy Selfish?

    The pursuit of links is far too often a highly selfish process. It’s all about your target keywords, your business model, and your rankings. Getting over your selfish goals and thinking about what others want is where actual innovation comes from.

  13. Your Ultimate Link Wish List

    Don’t be practical. Make this the year you get inspired with your link wishes and set your sights higher. By thinking, researching, and writing down the things we aspire to, we have a much better chance of actually achieving our ambitions.

  14. Link Bait Sucks...Except When It’s Awesome!

    A piece of work that has been given a legitimate effort and the right amount of due diligence deserves links and the title of link bait. If it's common content that serves a purpose but isn’t extraordinary, it's not link bait. It's just content.