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John Lee

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  1. Google AdWords Ad Extensions Get Conversion Tracking

    PPC managers have longed for Google AdWords to provide conversion data for Ad Extensions such as Sitelink, Location, Call and Product Extensions. Without so much as an announcement, Google has released conversion data associated with Ad Extensions.

  2. PPC: How to Tap Into the Power of the Persona

    Personas are widely underused in the PPC and search marketing community as a whole. PPC advertisers have a lot to gain by completing the persona exercise and leveraging that information when managing and creating new search marketing campaigns.

  3. How to Make PPC Count Without Conversion Tracking

    Imagine for a second a PPC advertiser’s worst nightmare: You log into AdWords and your keywords, ads and campaigns all have zeros in the conversion stat column! Worse yet, it isn’t a performance problem – just a tracking problem. Here’s what to do