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Joseph Kerschbaum

Midwest Account Director

3Q Digital

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A Strategy Map for Google Display Network Success


The Google Display Network can generate great results. However, with so much impression inventory, it’s also possible to generate a lot of spend with a poor ROI. Don't crash and burn! Here's how to establish a solid campaign structure foundation.

How to Establish a Goal Plan for Your PPC Campaign


Establishing benchmarks and creating realistic goals for your paid search campaigns can help refine your strategy, align your PPC campaign with wider-scope business objectives, improve performance, and serve as a source of motivation.

How to Recover from a PPC Test That Crashed & Burned


One of the most important elements of conducting tests – especially ineffective tests – is communication. You need to make sure that all stake holders understand what was tested; why the test wasn’t successful; most importantly – what was learned.

Automated Alerts – Robotic Guardian Angels of PPC


When managing PPC campaigns, it’s good to have someone watching out for us just in case something goes awry in a campaign. The automated alert functions within Google AdWords and Google Analytics may be as close as we’ll get to PPC guardian angels.

How to Focus Your PPC Analysis & Optimization


With wave after wave of insightful stats, a common hazard for PPC managers is losing site of the shore and getting lost at sea. Here’s how you can avoid losing sight of your core business objectives when you’re neck-deep in statistics.

12 Awesome Tactics for Crazy Productive PPC Meetings


For PPC managers, hosting awesome meetings/calls is mission critical. Implementing these tactics will provide you the chance to control the conversation and make sure that the powers-that-be understand what is happening with your PPC campaign.

7 PPC Resolutions to Keep You Focused and Inspired


How do you and your team stay focused, innovative, and passionate about your PPC campaigns? These seven resolutions will help you stay on top of your game, keep innovating, energize your entire approach to PPC, and generate awesome results in 2012.

6 Tactics for Awesome ROI on LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn logo

The folks on LinkedIn are professional, so your ads and landing pages should look professional, too. Follow these tips and tactics, and your LinkedIn advertising campaign will be well on its way to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Audience Targeting Strategies for LinkedIn Ads


According to LinkedIn’s ad tool, the social network has more than 120 million users. With LinkedIn adding one new member per second, smart marketers can’t ignore a concentrated audience of this size. Here are some ad targeting opportunities.