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Garry Przyklenk

Garry Przyklenk

Manager, Web Analytics Implementation

TD Bank Group

Articles by Garry Przyklenk

  1. Top 5 Google Panda Update SEO Survival Tips

    As a result of Google's Panda update, there are increasing levels of apprehension in the small business community on fears of further collateral damage to organic search traffic. A look at the impact of Google Panda, and long-term SEO strategies.

  2. Top 7 Tips to Land a Job in the Online Channel

    Recent employment statistics indicate that job prospects are improving in the U.S. But job seekers who are either in our industry or want to break in better come prepared. Here’s how to impress potential employees with your professional skills.

  3. Top 10 SEO Myths… Dispelled

    Keyword density doesn’t matter! [Insert Googler here] said it, so it must still be true! Stop paying for keywords that you rank for organically! Content is king! Yes, here’s a crowd-sourced list of favorite SEO myths we’ve heard over the years.

  4. Top 10 Web Analytics Myths… Dispelled

    Free analytics software is just as good as enterprise analytics! Unique visitors are real people! Bounce rate (or “insert metric here”) is the best metric! Here’s some practical advice on how to bust these and seven more web analytics myths.

  5. Conversion Optimization: Top 5 Places to Start

    One of the easiest ways to gain credibility with any business partner is to establish quick wins using conversion rate optimization. In terms of business impact, conversion optimization is a grand slam because you effectively reduce cost per...

  6. Web Analytics Year in Review 2010

    Web analytics this year became less about focusing on meaningless data reports and more on revenue growth, cost-savings, and improved customer satisfaction associated with data driven decision-making.

  7. 3 Ways to Analyze Your Competition

    Competitive intelligence is a highly underestimated aspect of web analytics reporting. Without it, your company's stakeholders won't know whether trends reported are good, bad, or really bad.

  8. What the Heck is Connected Marketing?

    SES San Francisco attendees today are learning all about how to integrate marketing tactics, such as offline advertising, paid search, search engine optimization, social media, testing, and mobile.