Garry Przyklenk

Garry Przyklenk

Manager, Web Analytics Implementation

TD Bank Group

Garry is an expert in lead generation, search engine marketing, web analytics, and social media marketing. He has successfully championed creative marketing campaigns and executed on actionable insights in several vertical markets including media, insurance, technology, and telecommunications. As Manager of Analytics Implementation at TD Bank Group, Garry is responsible for innovating best-in-class measurement strategies, implementing innovative measurement solutions, and connecting online and offline data for cross-channel correlations that ultimately yield actionable insights for key business stakeholders.

Garry also runs a successful online marketing blog, a web analytics blog, and is active on Twitter.

Articles by Garry Przyklenk

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Mastery of the art and science of web analytics doesn’t rely on inventing a “god metric” or replicating a fancy dashboard. Insights are derived from understanding how to segment your website visitors to tell a story and drive business value.

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The trend for total spend on internal staff, third party agencies and total vendor revenues appears to have grown by 12% year over year, certainly in the realm of “significant”. Here’s a look at the top stories and trends in web analytics in 2011.