Rob Chant has been working as a freelancer on the web in one form or another for about 10 years, first as a designer and developer and more recently in SEO. He now runs a web marketing company focused on delivering SEO and related services to small businesses. His experience with both designing and building web sites gives him extra insight into the SEO process.

Rob's always been a bit of a jack of all trades, however, and also runs his own netlabel, a small publishing company and has various other projects up his sleeve, on and off the web.

Articles by Rob Chant

Back to Basics: 7 Steps for YouTube Success


YouTube can drive massive amount of traffic, help build your brand and work wonders for your SEO. If you’re seeking decent traffic and brand exposure on YouTube, then these tips – along with dedication and some patience – will help you succeed.

Can You Identify Link Networks & Bad Neighborhoods?


Worried about getting links from (or linking out to) websites that might look suspicious? We aim to find out if it’s possible to identify bad link neighborhoods without the tools and processing power Google engineers have at their fingertips.

SEO Effect Keyword Research Tool [Review]


Upon diving into SEO Effect's keyword research tool, two things are impressive straight out of the box: the research tools and the flexibility of the system. Here’s a taste of how the tool works and how it can help your SEO campaigns.

Small Business SEO: Get to Grip With Links


Links remain a critical element of SEO. Use these three tools from Google, SEOmoz, and Majestic SEO to compile and analyze your backlinks, track how they change over time, and also set yourself some targets for building new links to your site.

SEO for Small Businesses: Get Into Action


The most important thing when it comes to marketing your business is simply getting into action. Any successful habit-forming SEO system will have these five components, so put them into practice. Bonus: tips on setting small, short-term SEO goals.