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  1. Image Search Branding Opportunities

    Images shown in regular search result pages are seldom clicked, but offer great marketing opportunities. Here’s how commercial websites can benefit the most from image search and how such a small image can attract big attention for your name.

  2. A Hands-on Approach to App Store Optimization

    App Store Optimization is the art of making apps rank in both popularity lists and search results within their respective app stores. Here are a couple of ways to initiate a boost in installations that, in turn, should attract a more organic growth.

  3. Link Building on Partial Keyword Combinations

    Some websites want to rank for keyword combinations with every U.S. city, maybe even combined with a large range of services. Acquiring links for the individual recurring parts of your keyword combos is the best solution, but how does it work?

  4. Keyword ROI: The Key SEO Ingredient

    The best business model should rule the search engine results pages. Increasingly the ability to make money from a particular keyword is the key to successful SEO, along with the ability and willingness to put in the required efforts.

  5. App Store Optimization

    The arena of app stores is much like the way organic search results used to be. Knowledge on app store optimization can still provide a big advantage over your competitors and it can be a lucrative way to exploit your old fashioned SEO skills.

  6. Keyword Research: Dealing With Uncertainty

    When selecting the keywords you want to rank for, you must take several factors into account. Preferably you’re able to calculate its potential ROI by finding out what effort is required. There are various uncertainties you can choose to minimize.

  7. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    With so many variables, it’s hard to devise tests that show an effect on individual ranking factors on Google and other search engines. Here are some metrics you can use, and suggestions and warnings for setting up a successful algorithm test.

  8. The SEO Files: The Truth is Out There

    When you start out in search engine optimization, it’s hard to evaluate all the available information. How do you find sources that are more trustworthy? How do you keep a critical view on them? Here are some tips on finding and evaluating t…