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4 Ways to Get Link Building Into Your Client's DNA


Link building isn't just some activity you do. It should be an integral part of all your activities, even outside regular marketing. Here's how to get link building integrated into the DNA of your client's daily activities for best SEO results.

Targeting Weird Niche Audiences for Links

Leftover Happy Hour

Instead of making huge changes to your product or service, make small changes to make the product suitable for a weird niche audience. The fact that you created a special product specifically for that particular group of people makes you linkable.

How to Build Links With Location Relevance


Even if you offer your services nationwide, being local has become an important ranking factor for Google. Try to cover the most important cities before a smaller local player takes your place. Here's how to prepare for the increasing role of local.

Limited Edition Link Building Strategy

Limited Edition

Having weird and outrageous items in your product range can attract a lot of attention. Even when such products aren't very lucrative to sell, its relevance to your normal products gets you the right external links. Here's how it works.

Rank Monitoring Beyond Google Webmaster Tools


Why would you want to know if you rank 30th for some obscure keyword combination? Link building. It's great to track how link building affects your ranking. Knowing how specific links impact your ranking makes your SEO effort much more effective.

Building an Effective Link Profile


Links that are tightly related to a keyword combination have a much stronger effect on its ranking. Their effect isn't broad and your site needs links in various degrees of relevance. Here's how to build a link profile to stand the test of time?

Ecommerce SEO: Filtering and Segmentation


How can you make sure Google interprets your website’s information and technical SEO instructions the way you want it to while preserving a good user experience? Learn how you can get the right pages to rank in a large ecommerce environment.

Image Search Branding Opportunities


Images shown in regular search result pages are seldom clicked, but offer great marketing opportunities. Here’s how commercial websites can benefit the most from image search and how such a small image can attract big attention for your name.

A Hands-on Approach to App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization is the art of making apps rank in both popularity lists and search results within their respective app stores. Here are a couple of ways to initiate a boost in installations that, in turn, should attract a more organic growth.

Link Building on Partial Keyword Combinations


Some websites want to rank for keyword combinations with every U.S. city, maybe even combined with a large range of services. Acquiring links for the individual recurring parts of your keyword combos is the best solution, but how does it work?

Keyword ROI: The Key SEO Ingredient


The best business model should rule the search engine results pages. Increasingly the ability to make money from a particular keyword is the key to successful SEO, along with the ability and willingness to put in the required efforts.

App Store Optimization


The arena of app stores is much like the way organic search results used to be. Knowledge on app store optimization can still provide a big advantage over your competitors and it can be a lucrative way to exploit your old fashioned SEO skills.