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Peter van der Graaf

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People Build Links


Knowing the right people in person and getting links based on goodwill can provide the best links, but it can also be very time-consuming.

Accidents Are Great for Link-Building


Link-building is often the result of a deliberate action and seldom something accidental. However, accidents and deliberate accidents have proven to attract great links that result in great Google ranking.

A Strategic Approach for New SEO Clients

New SEO Client Keywords

Starting a new SEO project, or want to check ongoing projects? Use the following approach, which includes a mix of specific keyword research, testing important assumptions, and growing traffic and rankings with link building and copywriting.

Pick Up on Current Events for Link Building


Giving your website an active role in current events is a lot more efficient than creating media attention from scratch. Here's how to prepare your website for future events so you can attract links with your prompt response.

Rule the SERPs: Become an Expert


Promote your messages, not your website. Spread your knowledge using multiple authoritative sites. As a guru on your subject, you’re bound to get clients, speaking gigs, interviews, and articles about you. Guest blogging is a great way to the top.

Domaining for Links

Collecting Domains

Whatever topic you need your future links for, you can acquire domains with a lot of authority links directed at it even before you need the link value. Once you need the link value, you already have a batch waiting to be used.

Old Sites vs. New Sites: Which Will Win in SEO?

Old vs New

General trust is moving from older big brands to new innovative companies, but Google still seems to prefer old sites. Learn which SEO ranking factors prefer new brands and which seem to have a positive effect on older, more authoritative websites.