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Paul Burani

Paul Burani


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Always a believer in the analytical foundation of marketing, Paul Burani was trained in traditional research-driven brand development at The NPD Group, and went on to found Clicksharp Marketing, a search engine marketing and social media strategy consultancy positioned to help entrepreneurs use digital media to take on larger competitors and grow their businesses. In 2009, Clicksharp was acquired by Web Liquid Group, adding search and other PPC media to the global digital marketing agency's capability set. Burani's work has spanned a variety of industries including consumer products, health care, apparel, travel & hospitality, with clients such as Avis, Hilton, MillerCoors, LG Electronics, and PayPal.

Paul has been writing for Search Engine Watch since 2010, covering a wide range of topics in digital media, as well as developing tools for marketers like the Search Query Volume Estimator. He graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and holds an MBA in International Marketing from Suffolk University in Boston.

Articles by Paul Burani

  1. Greasing the Purchase Funnel With Consumer Research

    Marketers and researchers who seek to act on a variety of digital marketing objectives should ask these types of questions via consumer surveys to improve media performance, drive engagement, acquire customers, and build their brand.

  2. Google’s Encrypted Search Data: A Cure for Vision Loss?

    Brands that wean themselves off query data will be well positioned to forge ahead. The proactive solution is to build a comprehensive profile of the “Secured User”, to gain a better understanding of the faces who will be absent from the crowd.

  3. One-Word Searches: Search Engines Doing More With Less

    We’re seeing one-word search queries’ share of total search activity growing fast. Is this due to mobile search, Google Instant, or something else? Let’s see if we can break down this trend and isolate the behavior for what it really is.

  4. Rock the Vote: A Petition to Bring Back Google Sets

    While some of Google’s recently discontinued products will live on within other projects, Google Sets wasn’t so lucky. Here are just a few examples of what Google Sets allowed search marketers to do with ease and why Google should bring it back.

  5. Turntable.FM: Next on Marketers' Playlists

    Marketers should be paying attention to social music site Turntable.FM. Everybody else in the online consumer value chain will be on board soon, so try to get yourself an invite, experience the rooms, and get schooled on a world of possibilities.

  6. Gifting Online & Offline: Shopping and Behavioral Search

    A look at some nuances within Google’s defined Shopping category of search query activity, and trended data for both the “gift” and “gifts” keywords (acknowledging that there is likely to be overlap, in terms of Google’s delivery of search res

  7. Gifting Online & Offline: A Seasonal Analysis

    The next time you’re shopping online and moving toward checkout, pause and think about the gift wrapping option. Your gift recipient gets a nice little package, but the retailer or manufacturer gets a nice little gift as well. These folks ca…

  8. The ROPO Effect: Measure, Search & Destroy

    Search marketers must acknowledge the offline world's contributions to marketing innovation in the online world. This starts with proper measurement of the research online, purchase offline (ROPO) effect to understand its contribution to revenue...