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Duncan Parry

Duncan Parry



Duncan Parry, COO of STEAK, began his career in search in 1999 at Lycos, during the early days of the industry.  

In 2002 he joined PPC engine Espotting and rose to the position of Agency Editorial Manager, working on campaigns for some of Europe's leading brands. He left Espotting in 2004 to work as a consultant in both paid and natural search, during which time his clients included publisher VNU's portfolio of UK IT, finance and recruitment websites.  

In 2005 he reunited with ex-Espotting colleagues to found STEAK. His roles at the agency have spanned PPC, SEO and Insight, as well commenting and writing in trade press for the agency, and contributing to STEAK’s social presence.

Articles by Duncan Parry

  1. Justifying Smartphone PPC Spend as Tablet Results Soar

    Tablet ownership is growing month-on-month in the U.S., UK, and other markets. Various surveys show tablets are accounting for roughly 20 percent of PPC clicks and conversions. So with this new reality emerging, how do you justify mobile spend?

  2. How to Land an Internship in Search

    An internship is a great way to open the door to a rewarding career, but the competition is often fierce - especially in the current economic climate. Here are six tips on landing the internship that might be the first step to a career.

  3. Save Time With Bookmarklets

    Curating and sharing content can quickly become time consuming. These bookmarklets can save you time, letting you share pages with one click - avoiding the tedium of firing up a new browser tab for each network or finding an on-page social button.

  4. 6 Tools to Manage Your Twitter Followers

    Managing Twitter followers can become a time consuming task, taking time away from actually sending messages and growing your influence. Here are a few free and paid tools that will save you time and provide all the important data you need.

  5. 14 Search Tools to Bookmark

    A roundup of some really useful tools, some of which you'll use every day, if you aren't already. Exercise some critical judgment though: a tool is only as good as it's data – make sure the data is believable. Cross reference against other sources.

  6. PPC Scams to Avoid

    When choosing somebody to manage your PPC campaigns, An old warning rings true: buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some of the approaches you should be suspicious of when looking to outsource PPC.

  7. 7 Steps to Prepare For the Search Alliance in the UK

    After a year’s delay, Microsoft adCenter will start to power the PPC results on Yahoo UK in Q2 of 2012. Discussion of its potential for success aside, here are some useful links and an action plan for preparing UK paid search campaigns.

  8. Should Amazon Buy Yahoo?

    Google and Microsoft have been rumored as potential suitors alongside the option of selling the company’s Asian assets. But another company has the size and cash to buy Yahoo – Amazon, which could offer Yahoo a chance to realize it’s value.

  9. Starting Your Own Company: My Advice After 6 Years

    I've been lucky enough to work at entrepreneurial companies, including forming an agency 6 years ago and selling it earlier this year. Occasionally I'm asked my advice for anybody starting their own business, so here are a few pearls of wisdom.

  10. Is it Time to Cull Your Social Networks?

    Friends. Followers. Contacts. Circles. Social networks can be fun and productive for work or pleasure, but sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are time consuming. The launch of Google+ is a great time to reduce social media overload.

  11. Resources for Learning About PPC

    A guide to useful resources from the "big three" search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) that will help anybody working in PPC – newbie or seasoned hand – continue learning, keep up to date on changes, or refresh their knowledge.