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SEO & Search: 9 Tips for Managing an Ambiguous Brand


If you find yourself working with a brand with an ambiguous meaning, you can carve out a strong presence in search listings and attract qualified clicks and resulting sales; but it does take time and patience. Here are nine ways to do it right.

How to Train an SEO in 5 Days


Looking to train an SEO from scratch? This plan covers the key subjects and essential tools SEOs need to learn to use to ensure they become an effective team member. Here’s how to squeeze it all into a week of morning and afternoon sessions.

10 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Page

Bearnaise Sauce Optimized Page

One area that search engines have made a number of significant advancements in recent years is in how they evaluate content on a website. So what does a perfectly optimized page look like in 2012? Let’s look at 10 elements.

SEO: Success Through Delegation & Integration


If you’re an in-house e-commerce manager or SEO with little budget and time, delegation is huge. What are the other departments do you need to be best friends with to get them to do your job for you? Well, here’s a list and the reasons why.

What can Google Images See?

Google Image Search Results

To avoid using easily indexed words like ‘advertorial’ on a page, publishers have been using a 'sponsored content' icon to ensure legal compliance without being ‘Google Compliant’. We conduct a test to see whether Google can detect this tactic.

Top 13 Social Media Ranking Factors for SEO

Looking to carry out an investigation into whether social media is a big influence on search engine optimization? Monitoring these social media metrics will help you base your insights on more empirical data.

SEO and PPC: A Love-Hate Relationship

Three big trends are changing how we attribute value in SEO. We are increasingly turning to tactics that were previously considered to be the realm of paid search professionals to meet client expectations.

Social Media Links and SEO -- Spam Ye Not!

Social media links have been increasingly making their presence felt in the SERPs. It appears as though the engines (in particular Google) may be responding to an increase in manipulative social activity.

How Will SEO Evolve in 2011?

SEO, rather than being purely an ongoing process of optimization, will be more influential as part of a campaign-led marketing strategy. We'll need to work with our clients to ensure this happens.

Don't be Afraid of URL Links

Monitor and manage the spread of URL vs. keyword rich links across your client's profile. And don't worry if you get really high quality links that only use your client's URL.

What's Next for Search, SEO?

The way we use the web is changing. SEO teams may well need to ensure their skill-sets include a large degree of developer knowledge, specifically for ensuring websites are compatible with multiple devices.