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Mark Pack

Mark Pack

Mark Pack is Head of Digital at Mandate Communications, having previously been Head of Innovations at the Liberal Democrats. He is co-editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, one of the five most influential political blogs in the UK (source: Wikio).

Until mid-2009 he was responsible for the Liberal Democrats' online presence, including social media, and he is the co-author of two books on election law. He is often in the media, appearing in places such as BBC2, BBC News 24, Newsnight, The Westminster Hour and LBC, and is a regular speaker at conferences on politics and technology.

Articles by Mark Pack

  1. Liberal Democrats' View: It was #nickcleggsfault

    The rise of social media gives readers easy ways to express their unhappiness with how their newspaper is behaving, to find others of like mind, and to impress the media and commentators with their weight of numbers.