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John Lynch is the founder of the newly launched digital marketing agency, OptimaSites, which specializes in search marketing, conversion optimization, and paid search. Prior to starting OptimaSites, Lynch worked at Serengeti Communications in Washington, D.C., as the Director of Search Marketing before taking a broader role its Director of Digital Strategy. He has worked with hundreds of companies in verticals that include publishing, health, consumer products, finance, entertainment, and service-based consulting.

Articles by John Lynch

  1. How to Kill Self-Reported Data

    Companies must strive to create a more accurate picture of the channels and campaigns that are creating engagement and revenue. Here are the three ways to get a clear and more reliable picture of the channels that are driving business.

  2. App Store Optimization: 8 Tips for Higher Rankings

    For app developers, App Store optimization is an incredibly important yet frequently overlooked opportunity when trying to create traction and growth. Discover the most important on- and off-page factors that can impact app store ranking.

  3. 5 Ways to Improve Social Engagement in Mobile Apps

    Focus group early adopters and evangelists to understand and serve the social features they crave. Don’t be afraid to ask “what do you hate?” And be sure to tailor the communication methods and touch points to the psychographics of your audience.

  4. Responsive Web Design: Introduction & Impact

    This (relative) uniformity in mobile user experience would appear to be wonderful for search engines and developers alike. So what is responsive design? Learn the basics, as well as a few great tools for experimenting with responsive design.

  5. 4 Ways to Rethink a Facebook Advertising Campaign

    Facebook is a different medium than paid search advertising, with entirely unique advantages. Learn ways to restructure your paid social advertising paradigm without over-committing to media spend and track results and ROI on Facebook.

  6. Top 10 PPC Campaign Mistakes

    PPC advertising is a powerful mechanism for creating new customers. It is; however, one that is ripe with trip wires, snares, and third rails. Here are the top 10 most common PPC campaign mistakes that prevent companies from finding a pot of gold.

  7. Creating Win-Win Link Building Scenarios

    Many link building efforts fail, usually due to misguided approach of thinking in quantity rather than quality. Applying group dynamics is one way to overcome misaligned incentives and wasted effort. Here’s how to motivate linkers and link builders.

  8. Create MSN adCenter Campaigns in 15 Minutes

    MSN campaigns are as labor intensive as AdWords campaigns with a smaller yield, but can be quickly built once your AdWords campaigns are up and running. Here are six simple steps to have your ads showing in Yahoo/Bing in the next 15 minutes.

  9. My Favorite SEO Research Tool: PPC Data

    PPC data brings great clarity to the SEO strategy. PPC campaigns have the benefit of quickly providing a mountain of performance data. Within 30 days of running a PPC campaign, a company can quickly understand which keywords drive actual revenue.

  10. The 5 Keys to Conversion Rate Optimization

    One of the quickest ways to improve ROI from search campaigns is to improve conversion rates from current traffic for organic and paid landing pages. Even a 0.5-1 percent increase can have dramatic results in the overall health of a company.

  11. Streamline Your PPC Workflow With Excel

    While the AdWords interface is a great way to digest overall campaign information, it isn’t necessarily the easiest way to quickly identify problematic campaign issues and make bulk changes. If you want to streamline workflow, these Microsof…

  12. Control Your Brand's Reputation Using SEO

    Branded search is your moneymaker, but is probably also the most neglected aspect of SEO. Here are some ways to keep your branded traffic coming into your site with a positive outlook.

  13. 4 Reasons Why SEO is Underfunded

    Advice for SEOs on how to overcome four of the most common problems: short-term vs. long-term goals, organizational constraints, too much jargon, and misunderstanding the value of SEO vs. PPC traffic.