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Josh McCoy

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  1. Becoming a Traffic Harvester

    By examining terms that rank close to the first page of search results (for terms with decent search volume) that aren’t showing up in analytics or in your predetermined keyword list, you’ll discover an SEO opportunity waiting to be harvested.

  2. 8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less

    Implementing a full SEO campaign from scratch can be a large commitment for any company. However, there are a number of website tweaks that can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less that could increase your traffic immediately.

  3. How to Increase Google's Crawl Frequency

    You want to rank many pages on a site, not just the homepage. You're also actively making changes to your sites and want bots to quickly see this. Here's how to ensure search engine bots will frequent your site more often and crawl more pages.

  4. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    Redesigns can make an ugly site pretty, but they can also make a high traffic site invisible. If you're looking to redesign or relaunch your website, you have to keep SEO in mind. Here's how to launch successfully and ensure continued success.

  5. How to Prove the Value of SEO in 10 Minutes

    Want (or need) to convince others about the importance of organic search and SEO as a referrer of traffic, as well as how it helps the site convert as a whole? This 10-minute drilldown into Google Analytics will help you make a powerful case.

  6. Algorithm Updates, Duplicate Content & A Recovery

    The following story shows why it's important to know where your SEO client’s or company’s content originated if it precedes your involvement with site SEO efforts. Learn how eliminating duplicate content helped one site recover traffic and rankings.

  7. Improper URLs: It’s Much More than Just a Page Name!

    The process of creating a great URL doesn’t start at the end of the URL but at the beginning with the folder structure of the site. It's important to show a search engine as well as a user the hierarchy and categorization of site content.

  8. Don’t Forget the Low Hanging Fruit in SEO

    While you work toward long-term SEO goals, don’t ignore short-term opportunities – terms that rank at the bottom of Page 1 or the top of Page 2 of search engine results and may simply need a little more focus to help nudge them a little higher.

  9. Multi-Dimensional Content is the Rightful King of SEO

    Webmasters and online marketing teams often misconstrue “content is king” as “we need pages of copy for every possible keyword we can rank for.” Yes, it starts with text content, but that should be supported with image, video, news, and social.

  10. 3 Pillars of SEO Competitive Analysis

    We know where we want to rank, we know who is ranking there but how will we get there? At the onset of your dive into SEO competitive analysis, it's important you segment your analysis into three areas: content, authority, and opportunity.

  11. Internal Linking, the Other Linking

    In a search, where linking is all the rage, we forget that just as important are the links we maintain internally on our sites. A great inbound link profile is pointless if your site can hardly be traversed by a search engine or human visitor.

  12. SEO & Personalization: An Evolving Relationship

    The search giants are leading us into a new era with the intentions of providing better search results. This leaves many uneasy in how to accept these changes. SEOs now must now remove their blinders and take advantage of the evolution of search.

  13. 7 Quick Tips to Keep Your SEO On Track in 2012

    Now is a great time to review year-over-year data to get a big picture of SEO success without seasonality and other factors that can mar short-term analysis. You should also assess overall strategy, where SEO is going, and adjust accordingly.

  14. Beyond SEO: Retaining the Visitor

    It isn't all about rankings and traffic anymore. Visitor retention and conversion optimization are becoming the new focal points in the SEO world. It is time to quit thinking about a number and start thinking about an experience.

  15. Agency SEO Pain Relief

    Just because your SEO campaign is experiencing hiccups doesn’t mean you aren’t a good SEO practitioner. Certain situations like this force you to look at the alternative factors that can affect SEO success. Quick-check these SEO data items.

  16. 7 Steps Toward Google SERP Domination

    Getting your site pages to rank on the first page is one thing, but what do you do once you get there? Here’s what you can do to gain additional visibility in first place search results and universal search and see higher referrals from Google.

  17. Hand-Feeding Google, Covering Your SERP Assets

    Covering your online assets often means “hand-feeding” Google your content. The first step in creating visibility is establishing a presence. Your first priority in SEO should be to givE Google your content, the way they want to see it.

  18. Breaking 3 Old SEO Habits

    Google’s constant algorithm tweaks are forcing SEOs to evolve. It can be difficult to change direction with our strategies, especially when we have watched old techniques work so well. Failure to adapt, however, may breed SEO failure.