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Josh McCoy

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Breaking 3 Old SEO Habits

No Symbol

Google’s constant algorithm tweaks are forcing SEOs to evolve. It can be difficult to change direction with our strategies, especially when we have watched old techniques work so well. Failure to adapt, however, may breed SEO failure.

The Slippery Slope of SEO

Recent algorithmic updates didn't just hurt the bad guys and clean up the SERPs. Many other sites felt the wrath of Google's tweaks. So, how do you adjust fire and move on from here?

SEO Factors for 2011

As we begin the New Year, many SEOs have their eyes set on search engine ranking factors. Here are a few areas you should pay attention to -- because the engines are already sending subliminal messages.

Diversifying Your SEO

Imagine your site as you would your investment portfolio. Spreading your assets evenly is extremely important to long-term growth.

What Google Thinks of Your Site

Paying attention to your site's Sitelinks, hierarchical listings, and internal link listings in Google SERPs are great ways to see how Google understands your site.

Local Search Convertibility

Presence, promotion, and convertibility are the three key elements to a successful local search campaign. Learn how to take your local online efforts to the next level.