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Josh McCoy

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6 Ways to Improve Owned Digital Assets


We know that Paid efforts take dollars and Earned marketing takes creativity. There are several different areas where you can better your Owned assets from within an SEO lens, as well as from a holistic digital view, with little effort.

3 SEO Success Factors for 2014


What will successful SEO look like in 2014? It will mean allowing your audience to help you build a local presence; building a community, a socialized brand; and optimizing an experience for those who are mobile and content hungry.

To Blog, or Not to Blog

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Blogs have become a standard feature for websites. And blogging has benefits. It can help you become a content authority, engage your audience, and help your SEO efforts by attracting links. Here's a checklist of why you do and don't need to blog.

Becoming a Traffic Harvester


By examining terms that rank close to the first page of search results (for terms with decent search volume) that aren’t showing up in analytics or in your predetermined keyword list, you’ll discover an SEO opportunity waiting to be harvested.

8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less


Implementing a full SEO campaign from scratch can be a large commitment for any company. However, there are a number of website tweaks that can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less that could increase your traffic immediately.

How to Increase Google's Crawl Frequency


You want to rank many pages on a site, not just the homepage. You're also actively making changes to your sites and want bots to quickly see this. Here's how to ensure search engine bots will frequent your site more often and crawl more pages.

How to Prove the Value of SEO in 10 Minutes


Want (or need) to convince others about the importance of organic search and SEO as a referrer of traffic, as well as how it helps the site convert as a whole? This 10-minute drilldown into Google Analytics will help you make a powerful case.

Algorithm Updates, Duplicate Content & A Recovery


The following story shows why it's important to know where your SEO client’s or company’s content originated if it precedes your involvement with site SEO efforts. Learn how eliminating duplicate content helped one site recover traffic and rankings.

Don’t Forget the Low Hanging Fruit in SEO


While you work toward long-term SEO goals, don’t ignore short-term opportunities – terms that rank at the bottom of Page 1 or the top of Page 2 of search engine results and may simply need a little more focus to help nudge them a little higher.