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  1. Social SEO – Facebook & Twitter Best Practices

    Social media has gotten big enough that it can directly contribute to the ranking of your website and pages. Don't let your organization be left behind! Implement these simple strategies to ensure your search and social teams are working together.

  2. Online Pinboards – Is This the New Way to Facebook?

    A new social networking phenomenon is emerging: online pinboard sites, led by Pinterest. These sites represent your wants, desires and the future memories you wish to create. Online pinboarding may just represent the next wave of social networking.

  3. The NFL & Fantasy Football: A Match Made in Search Heaven

    The relationship between the NFL and fantasy football is obvious, but search marketers must understand the subtle but important differences in search patterns and behavior of this overlapping audience, representing different marketing opportunities.

  4. Searcher Demographics – We Are What We Search

    Whether it’s Google+ vs. Facebook, Android vs. iPhone, or Red Sox vs. Yankees, searcher demographics can be valuable for your business and brand. It’s one thing to quantify your branded searchers, it is another to know and understand them.

  5. Summer Travel Search: Are We There Yet?

    Clicks to travel sites from search engines are up 10 percent year-over-year reaching to 272 million in June 2011. This annual search trend tends to start in April and peak in July, so proper planning and execution is critical for marketers.

  6. Weather Forecast? Don't Know, Check Google

    While winter weather causes only moderate increases in audience visitation, it produces much more sizeable gains in engagement and search activity. Here's a look at how much more important search becomes during this time of the year.

  7. Ham Wars: How Search Impacts Your Dinner Table

    Search marketing opportunities abound for food manufacturers and retailers to acquire customers online. But they need to consider the logistics further down the purchase funnel if they intend to keep them.

  8. Navigational Search: Turn Right at the Big Chicken

    When searchers are in unfamiliar territory, search phrases that double as a website address are great navigation tools. An enormous portion of searches involve web addresses, so make sure you create a navigational search strategy.

  9. How Search is Making us Smarter

    Online search has clearly evolved to become the de facto answer delivery system for our questions. How search opens learning opportunities to us every day.