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  1. Top 5 Free SEO iPad Apps

    For the SEO professional who has made an iPad their portable business tool of choice, here's an overview of five essential apps that can help get your job done while on the go: Quick SEO Site Review, Google Analytics, RavenTools, WordPress, and VNC.

  2. Some Microsoft adCenter Accounts Reporting Problems

    Since the Yahoo & MSN Search Alliance has finalized, many PPC advertisers are just now getting familiar with the Microsoft adCenter system and learning the differences between adCenter and Google AdWords. Apparently though not all transitions...

  3. Google Unveils Helpful Voting Tools

    If you live in the U.S. you're undoubtedly aware that tomorrow, November 2nd is midterm elections day. In order to help you get out and vote, Google is providing an array of tools and services in hopes to make finding what you need easier. Not...

  4. Yahoo Appoints Ross Levinsohn as New EVP of Americas

    Yesterday's rumors are today's news and in this case the news is that Yahoo has hired former News Corp exec, Ross Levinsohn. He is replacing Hillary Schneider who joined the ranks of this unfortunate list earlier in the month. That means Ross...

  5. Welcome to Google Places Search

    On Thursday I went to lunch with Sage Lewis at his favorite restaurant in Akron, Rancheros Taqueria. Although I feel their food is very good and more 'authentic' than most Tex-Mex we get in Ohio, they are not my favorite due to their lack of a...

  6. RIP: AdWords Report Center

    If you spend any amount of time in Google AdWords, you've probably noticed that your report options have slowly been dissappearing from the Report Center. In fact, your options for creating reports probably looks a lot like this: If you're...

  7. Meet Google's new VP of Search

    Earlier this month the world of search learned of Marissa Mayer's move inside Google from the VP of search to the head of Google's location-based and local services. She had long been in that a role and as one of the more public faces of the...

  8. Google Places Now Allows Replies

    Review sites, such as Yelp and Google Local, understand that it can be upsetting to business owners to receive negative reviews. Avoid costly mistakes by reviewing their guidelines and suggestions to better manage your online reputations.