Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons

Managing Director

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6 Ways to Boost Your Rankings Using Google Authorship


Google authorship and Google+ already influence personalized search results – which can boost the rankings for your social connections. This opens huge opportunities for individuals and means Google may reward you for being an online authority.

7 Steps to Measure SEO Like Paid Search


Decision makers understand the ROI of paid search, so why don't we think of measuring SEO in the same way? Once you've defined your business goals, SEO goals, and KPIs, this process will provide more measurable results – and a bigger budget.

Kick-Start Your PPC Campaign in 6 Easy Steps


Now is the perfect time to make changes, giving you a good few months of “normal” search traffic to analyze before major events like Christmas begin to make their presence known. Here are some tips to make your PPC campaign stand out from the crowd.

10 Ways Rehashed Content Fails Your Website


Successive search engine algorithm updates, combined with the rise of social media, means the web is a demanding place. Prioritize good-quality copy. Invest in your text up-front and gain a natural advantage for your website over the competition.

25 Tips For Giving Your PPC Campaigns a Boost


Paid search or PPC advertising can yield substantial returns on investment, but also needs careful control to keep budgets in check. Consider these tips on bids, ad copy, targeting, and more to maximize your ROI while minimizing your risk.

How to Help SEO Customers Who Aren’t Always Right


All too often, SEO professionals end up meeting with people who don’t understand the search industry. Miscommunications can easily turn into a bad reputation. Here are tips for working with clueless customers without offending or patronizing them.