Ken Shafer

Ken Shafer

Ken Shafer is an SEO Analyst at Vizion Interactive, a search engine optimization company. Ken has more than 10 years of experience in Web design and most recently spent the last three years as the SEO Manager at and With this experience, Ken has developed a level of expertise in management of huge content efforts and the challenges that come with working with large, enterprise content management systems.

Prior to Vizion Interactive and, Ken was the Director of e-Media at MediaTec Publishing, the Webmaster at Sam's Wine and Spirits, and worked at the Kraft Foods headquarters as a consultant focusing on the design of their internal, online customer service training programs.

Articles by Ken Shafer

Passing The Torch as an SEO Manager

At some point in your career as an SEO manager, you may decide to leave your current employer for greener pastures. How you help your soon-to-be former employer during this time says a lot about you as a professional.