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Alex Cohen

Alex Cohen

Director of Marketing


Alex Cohen is an accomplished online marketer, blogger, and presenter. He has been a featured speaker at Princeton University's Global Entrepreneurship Week, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo and lectured at numerous universities.

Alex is the Director of Marketing at the subscription flower delivery service H.BLOOM where he oversees customer acquistion. In addition to contributing to Search Engine Watch, Alex writes Digital Alex, a blog about marketing optimization.

Articles by Alex Cohen

  1. AdWords Bill of Rights

    Advertisers should have the right to choose which features to use, target as granularly as possible, see how our money is being spent and make it more efficient, and get the same level of insight and data we take for granted on the desktop web.

  2. 8 Changes to Google AdWords in 2012 You Shouldn’t Miss

    Google has introduced new ad formats, AdWords settings and a few high profile tests. This year saw a lot more aggressive monetization by Google, with several high profile changes that increased the real estate for ads at the expense of organic.

  3. 10 Tricks to Research Anything

    Researching a new market, customer or channel can be wildly inefficient. The web has abundant information, but finding just the right information you need is time consuming if you don’t know some of the tricks. Read on to discover 10 of the best!

  4. 4 Google Analytics Features You Probably Haven’t Used

    With every new feature, Google Analytics becomes more powerful, but also more complex. Hidden in the nest of menus are 4 powerful features you might have overlooked: Page Speed, In-Page Analytics, the Network Report, and Visualize with Motion Charts.

  5. The Ultimate Guide to Group Buying Sites

    Group buying websites make local marketing at scale accessible to businesses, but don’t make them instantly profitable or worthwhile. You need to be smart about your offer, thoughtful about the customer experience, and rigorous in your measurement.

  6. 4 Critical Metrics You Won’t Find in Google Analytics

    Customer acquisition cost, average revenue per user, lifetime value, and churn are vital metrics for measuring the health of your business. You can segment them by line of business, product, cohort, marketing channel. Just not with Google Analytics.

  7. 5 Ways to Boost B2B Conversions

    Put yourself in your prospects' shoes and ask: what are they going to be worried about? Is it implementation? Price? A missing feature? How can you assuage those fears and engage them without risk. Then watch your leads and conversion rates grow.

  8. The Cheap Guide to Building Brand Credibility

    Trying to sell or market something no one wants to buy, and a lack of name recognition are two big hurdles for start-ups or new businesses. You can’t buy your way into brand awareness with traditional media, but here’s how you can earn your way in.

  9. 4 Secrets About Paid Search Agencies

    To get the most out a paid search agency, you should understand that, like any business, a search agency needs to make money, sometimes they’re the right solution, not everyone is great, and they won’t magically solve all of your business problems.

  10. Top 5 Mistakes People Make Buying Paid Search Software

    Do you expect paid search software to be a paid search manager? Are you looking to buy bid management software or going by a checklist? Is your taste too expensive? Do you not understand the setup process? Learn how you can avoid these mistakes.

  11. How Targeting People Will Change Paid Search

    Google’s privacy policy revisions and the continued expansion of Google+ are part of an important trend in paid search: targeting ads to people, not just search queries. The more relevant the ads, the more satisfied users, the more clicks on ads.

  12. A 4 Step Multivariate Testing Process That Works

    Multivariate testing, with its many combinations, creative needs, and more demanding implementation, is a great place for larger organizations to implement more rigorous processes. Testing helps build a culture of data-driven decision making.

  13. 4 Quick Ways to Audit Your Paid Search Account

    Poor structure and bad campaign settings can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars per week. Auditing helps to catch bad habits and some warning signs before costs spiral out of control. Here’s how to uncover mistakes in less than an hour.

  14. How Inventory Feeds are Changing Paid Search Advertising

    Retail paid search without keywords is here: one product can appear in up to three places, each with different messaging and presentation. So how can retailers can increase exposure as profitably as possible for product catalog and data feeds?