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Marc Poirier

Marc Poirier

Co-Founder & VP Marketing


Articles by Marc Poirier

  1. Online Advertising: The End of Cookies?

    Regardless of how we track, it's what we do with the data that is the main issue. Privacy concerns aren't going away, so it's our responsibility as marketers to use the data we gather responsibly.

  2. Apple iAd -- A Summary for Search Marketers

    Can iAds succeed? That's the big question. Everything SEMs need to know about iAds, including how they differ from IAB ads, the iAd network, targeting, metrics, how much a typical campaign costs, PPC vs. CPM, and revenue sharing.

  3. Google Hearts Agencies XOXOXO

    Google invests in new training programs, changes the API fee system, and creates lists of certified partners. So how does this change the game for agencies?

  4. Click Fraud Not Dead Yet

    The search engines are doing a lot to counter click fraud, but there's still more to be done. They need deeper collaboration with third-party firms to reassure advertisers that their money isn't being wasted on bad clicks.