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Andy Atkins-Kruger



Andy Atkins-Krüger is a trained linguist with 20 years of international marketing experience. He's been involved in search marketing and SEO since 1997, and in 2002 bought the company WebCertain after 5 years as a client. As CEO, he's subsequently built that company up as the leading international search marketing agency, handling both global clients and companies wishing to take their products to new markets.

Andy is a regular speaker at Search Engine Strategies and other conferences, and chairs the London-based six-monthly International Search Summit. He's also the Editor-in-Chief of the Multilingual Search blog.

Articles by Andy Atkins-Kruger

The Global Google Battle for Vertical Search

With no real global search competitors, Google continues its expansion into new verticals. To survive, vertical search engines developers must do something different, do something useful, do it offline as well as online, and do it first!

Key Steps to Launching a Global Website

Content delivery and development, keyword research, and localization -- here's a sampler of SES Chicago, where you'll learn best practices for overcoming these obstacles when rolling out an international website.

Improving Your International SEO Skills

If you're looking to take your search engine optimization to a global level, you'll need the right skill set. Some tips on how to gain international search experience, where to seek training, and dealing with other languages.

Using for B2B Leads

While Alibaba is described as an "Asian eBay" and credited with causing eBay to shut down its Chinese operation in 2006, it's much more than that. And its global domination plan is being rolled out at astonishing speed.

The Worldwide Web Just Went Global

All countries soon will be able to apply for Internet extensions reflecting their name and using their own characters. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on search engines, domains, and trademark specialists.