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  1. Measuring Free Clicks in AdWords

    Advertisers: Take advantage of free click ads to extend your share of voice on the page, improve the consumer experience, and determine the value to your overall search program.

  2. Search Campaigns Boost Phone Calls to Businesses

    As more users surf the web via their phones, making a phone call becomes a more likely solution to their conversion demands. This creates a larger importance for unique campaign phone number call tracking and click-to-call placements.

  3. Review your PPC Keywords

    Search engines are always changing, and so are the ways people search for your products and services. So your keyword list should change as frequently.

  4. Bing Ads Show Strength in Key Verticals

    While Bing's market share has increased overall, it's search ads are proving to be particularly strong in two key verticals: financial services and retail. Volume is up, as is advertiser competition, driving up cost per click.

  5. Measuring Success -- How Deep Do You Go?

    How do you define success of your search advertising campaigns? Measuring against profit instead of revenue, and going down to the keyword level, can change the way your PPC campaigns are set up and run.