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Jason Tabeling

Jason Tabeling



Jason Tabeling is a Partner at Rosetta responsible for all things paid, owned, and earned media. Jason has a deep understanding of digital marketing, including paid search marketing and online display advertising. He has successfully managed dozens paid search campaigns during his career, and has developed evolving integrated strategies across all connected devices for various clients focusing on each clients core competencies in both the online and offline channels.

Articles by Jason Tabeling

  1. Paid Media Is the Future

    Marketers are evolving away from the need to be paid search and display specialists and toward the need to be more broadly educated paid media specialists.

  2. Google AdWords RLSA: 3 Ways to Take Full Advantage

    RLSA is a very powerful tool, especially as personalization continues as a trend across the digital landscape. Here are three tips on keyword targeting, bidding, and ad copy, plus three important reminders on how to set up RLSA for success.

  3. 3 Google Shopping Campaign Challenges & Solutions

    PLAs have been tremendously successful at increasing paid media exposure and driving incremental revenue. However, advertisers are still dealing with a number of challenges. Google Shopping campaigns effectively address these issues head on.

  4. 3 Mobile Considerations in Retail Paid Search

    You need to be more considerate of the way that consumers are using mobile devices to understand the value of the channel. Desktops and tablets are merging. And you must continue to optimize at the device level as much as possible.

  5. Click Fraud is a Small Problem in Search These Days

    Click fraud still occurs in paid search, and at some level always will. However, the engines do a solid job at monitoring the problem. The issue for search marketers is to ensure the metrics don't go out of whack from a normal level of variance.

  6. 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Turn Off Paid Search

    There may be quality reasons why you don’t need PPC for everything your business does. It isn’t the silver bullet for all business problems, but there is value in many cases. Here are three reasons to consider before killing a paid search campaign.