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3 Mobile Considerations in Retail Paid Search


You need to be more considerate of the way that consumers are using mobile devices to understand the value of the channel. Desktops and tablets are merging. And you must continue to optimize at the device level as much as possible.

Click Fraud is a Small Problem in Search These Days


Click fraud still occurs in paid search, and at some level always will. However, the engines do a solid job at monitoring the problem. The issue for search marketers is to ensure the metrics don't go out of whack from a normal level of variance.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Turn Off Paid Search

A start stop switch

There may be quality reasons why you don’t need PPC for everything your business does. It isn’t the silver bullet for all business problems, but there is value in many cases. Here are three reasons to consider before killing a paid search campaign.

3 Key Themes From Q4 Paid Search


Q4 2012 reports from Kenshoo, Marin, and Covario show strong volume, traffic, and conversions; mobile and tablet traffic levels hitting all-time highs, and that Thanksgiving day has officially become a retail force to be reckoned with.

3 Tips for PPC Holiday Preparation in 2012


The busy retail holiday season is approaching fast for those of us in the paid search world. Each year paid search is one of the most important ingredients for a brand's success. As you plan for this year, here are three ways to get yourself ready.

3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies


Aligning your search strategies between paid and organic may not be easy. In the end, your consumer - and therefore your business - will benefit from this powerful combo. Here are three ways to better coordinate your paid and organic programs.

Paid Search Decathlon of Quality


Like Olympic athletes, paid search marketers practice their craft daily, all with the goal of inspiring customers in 3 seconds to choose our ad and win their business. If you want to bring home the PPC gold, you need to master these 10 events.

Paid Search Testing, March Madness Bracket Style


Testing is a critical piece to success in all aspects of digital marketing. Understanding the measurement plan and goals of the test prior to testing anything is they key. If you haven’t structured your test, then you’re testing for testing sake.

3 Underused Paid Search Metrics


Paid search is all about numbers. For those who are really looking to take their PPC optimization to the next level, these metrics that are either new, or not used frequently enough, are the right places to start extracting additional insight.

3 Keys to Optimizing Your PPC Campaign Structure


Campaign structure optimization is critical, but remains woefully undervalued. Let’s look at the three main areas you should focus on when creating the structure of your account: relevancy, better budget control, and advanced targeting.