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Pruning an Overgrown PPC Campaign


Whether its overgrown ad groups, sickly keywords, unproductive keywords, overgrown ad copy tests, or a particular product or service is failing to thrive in PPC, it's time to get pruning. Your PPC garden will thank you with healthier growth.

4 Ways to Kill Your PPC Health


An agency/client PPC relationship is a lot like a doctor/patient relationship. Both parties are responsible for the health of the campaign, and they need to work together. Not doing so can lead to less than optimal PPC well-being.

How to Win the PPC Championship


In PPC, it’s great to grab one of the premium positions above the search results – but you can still score (i.e. convert) even if you’re in a side position. So what keeps PPC advertisers from crossing the 50-yard line of search and scoring?

The 4 Pillars of a Successful PPC Campaign


Every now and then, we all need to remember the basics that are the framework behind every successful PPC campaign. If you’re new to PPC, step away from the AdWords interface and take a look at these mainstays before you do another thing with PPC.

9 Not-So-Great Points About Adwords Sitelinks


Google AdWords’ Sitelinks are a powerful optimization tool for any PPC account – one you should be using, if you aren't already. However, there are some downsides to AdWords sitelinks, including painful conversion tracking and no ability to pause.

11 Great Points About Google AdWords Sitelinks


Google AdWords’ Sitelinks are a powerful optimization tool for any PPC account – one you should be using, if you aren't already. From great CTR, to a competitive advantage, and to brand awareness, here's what's great about AdWords sitelinks.

What’s In a Good PPC Report?


Whether you’re an in-house or agency PPC professional, chances are you’ll need to provide regular campaign performance reports. The numbers in a good PPC report need to provide context, align with campaign goals, and lead to recommendations.

The PPC Test You Shouldn’t Run


PPC managers can be tempted to immediately try all the latest and greatest new features. It’s like a dessert table of delicious PPC choices – you can’t decide, so you grab one of each. Here’s why testing too many things at once can backfire.

Why PPC is an Effective Form of Advertising

PPC Persuasion

An Advertising Age columnist recently called SEM "the worst form of advertising." His article is all kinds of wrong and filled with misconceptions. Yes, Virginia, PPC is advertising, and an effective form of it, too.