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The Myth of Perfect Conversion

Don't make the mistake of assuming that every visitor is a potential prospect or buyer for your goods or services. The mythical 100 percent conversion rate simply doesn't exist. It's a delusion.

Granularity in Landing Page Optimization

Between changing a button color or font size and completely redesigning a landing page, there's a continuum of possible changes to test. Changing the granularity of your tests allows you to include your important ideas while keeping test sizes reasonable.

Your Baby Is Ugly

After launching a landing page optimization project, you inevitably will find chinks in the armor of your beautiful and perfect creations. Before fixing anything, you have to let go of your ego and acknowledge that your baby is ugly.

Meaning-Making in Landing Page Optimization

We all want to create "meaning" and see the larger patterns in our tests that can apply to other circumstances. But the world is very complex, and trying to generalize universal truths from a single landing page test result is often a horrible idea.

The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action, Part 2

Each product or service category only has room for a tiny number of established leaders, and they capture disproportionate value in their respective market categories. Although other products or services may be objectively just as good, they require additional attention to evaluate, and require additional steps to lead visitors to action.