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  1. My Thoughts on Promo Outcomes

    Asking people to give feedback about your product or service is great on many levels. It builds relationships and provides incredibly valuable information.

  2. Assessing the Success of Our Promotion

    Did Search Engine Watch readers vote for their favorite promotion ideas? Was my link building promotion a success? Did you win a $25 gift certificate? Find out all the answers inside.

  3. Bribing People With $50 Gift Cards: Part Deux

    We asked what you might want to see here, and what would a promotion-monitoring component look like? The readers' ideas far exceeded expectations, and could really help push this column further along.

  4. Link Building Strategies in Troubled Economic Times

    Without social media and the search engines, we would likely have a different President-Elect. A significant drive of Obama's campaign was his social media blitz, while the Republicans never really figured out the new 2008 media landscape.

  5. I Love Crazy Link Ideas

    If you want small, incremental growth, do what everyone else is doing. Explosive growth comes from thinking about your business in completely new ways. Sage comes up with ten "really crazy ideas" to get more publicity, and encourages reader to do...

  6. Obama's Link Strategy Fuels Election Victory

    Internet link love proves more powerful than old-school politics in the 2008 election, thanks in part to a visionary social networking election strategy. What can we learn about online marketing from studying presidential politics?

  7. Zappos + Twitter = Innovative Success!

    Most companies use Twitter as a PR machine, covered in a thin veil of down-home personalization. But Zappos' CEO exposes a deep level of intimacy and behind the scenes information. That's how they connect with their audience, and get links as a...

  8. My Wife, the Editor

    Editor of any kind of publication -- machining, food, scientific equipment -- is an underground ruling class that very few average people know about. When approaching an editor of a newspaper, trade publication, or a major publication, if you want...

  9. A Tale of Two Links

    Be ready. A great link can come to you at a moment's notice. If you don't pounce on it, it very likely will slip through your fingers.

  10. Internal Links And My High School Evolution

    Understanding internal linking is made easier by comparing it to high school. Just as cool kids in school can make others cool by associating with them, internal linking can spread the "coolness factor" of your site, aka PageRank, among various...

  11. Three Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

    Instead of focusing on where to find links, SEOs and site owners should think about setting up a site so people will want to link to it. People usually put the cart (the links), before the horse (the content). But the horse is the content that...