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Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development

Every day, people are talking online about your company and products. Some discussions are positive; some are negative. The trick is to capitalize on these discussions to build a better brand and link popularity.

Use Humor for Link Marketing

Humor is a great form of content that will give people a reason to link to your content, and help it spread virally. The challenge for most sites is coming up with something funny. Here are some ideas that can be used by everyone, regardless of the size of your marketing budget.

Content Promotion for Link Marketing

Even if your content is great and deserving of links, you won't get very far if no one knows about it. The Web already has a ton of great content and more added each day. You need to promote your content to get noticed. Here's how.

Link Marketing -- Solve a Customer Problem

Solving customer problems and publishing that information on your site can be a great way to build both brand awareness and links. Focusing on a niche or soliciting input from your customers are two great ways to develop your content ideas.

Viral Link Building: Size Doesn't Always Matter

Despite some popularly held ideas to the contrary, viral campaigns don't need to be massive to be successful. You can have a small campaign that has a big impact in your industry or community. The power of viral marketing for link building comes from going after a targeted audience.

Link Building with Customers, Part 2

Customers are one of your most valuable link building resources, because they're already sold on your product or service. Cultivating positive relations with clients is the key to getting them to help with link development and word-of-mouth marketing.

Link Building via Word-of-Mouth

Get people talking positively about your company or product and the links will follow. Here are some tips on how to increase exposure, branding, and build links all at the same time.