Justilien Gaspard

Justilien Gaspard

Independent Consultant


Justilien Gaspard is an independent consultant that provides custom link building, seo consulting and link training. His area of focus is organic search. He has spoken at Search Engine Strategies conference (SES), authored 3 advanced search optimization courses for Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization's (SEMPO) Learning Institute and runs a link building blog. He has worked and consulted on link development campaigns that included Fortune 500, top online retailers and small to medium size businesses in competitive fields.

Articles by Justilien Gaspard

How to Scale your Link Marketing Strategy


Scaling your link marketing strategy can help build your traffic, exposure, and rankings. The key is to map out your strategy, train or hire the right people to carry it out, test it, and what will help you maintain quality over time.

Link Marketing Offline


Link marketing isn't all that different from regular marketing. While the idea of using offline marketing strategies for link development might seem foreign to some, marketing is marketing. Here are some offline strategies to consider.

Strategies to Market Your Content for Links


You've done your research, and created quality content such as a blog post, video, tool, or mobile app. Now it's time to market that content for links. These link development strategies can be used by both large and small sites.

3 Starting Points for a Link Marketing Campaign

Your move Dawg

It can be a challenge at times to come up with new ideas for link marketing campaigns. Whether you're at a loss of where to start, or simply have writer's block here are some strategies to start you down the path of marketing inspiration.

How to Use Government Data for Link Development

Chess Link Strategy

You can use data found on government websites to create compelling linkable material. This freely available material, in conjunction with your own research and insight, should help you make content that gets linked to by all the right places.

Mobile Apps for Link Development


Developing a mobile application (app) is a great way to build brand exposure and links at the same time. The key is marketing and getting people to link to the app page on your site. Learn how to use mobile apps for link building and brand exposure.

How to Develop Link Marketing Ideas


With these strategies, your company could be coming up with new link building ideas on a recurring basis. Just remember to keep an open mind, and be creative. Here's the inside scoop on how to come up with successful link building ideas.

Developing Links with Strategic Partnerships

Chess Link Strategy

Teaming up with another site or organization is a great way to build links, exposure, and branding. It can be done in a number of different ways, depending on your company's goals and resources. Some strategies for large and small companies.

5 Tips on Link Bait Campaigns

With a little planning and repetition, your link bait campaigns will become more successful. Here are some ideas on how to produce a brilliant campaign.