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  1. California Affiliate Tax Becomes Law

    If you are an affiliate marketer living in California you could be losing a lot of your vendors. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the state's budget, which includes the affiliate nexus tax, signaling tough times for many online small business owners.

  2. Google+ Invites Forced To Shutdown

    Due to overwhelming demand, Google had to shutdown the invites to their newly launched social network. "We've shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way," Google's Vic Gundotra said.

  3. News Corp Sells MySpace For $545 Million Loss

    A day after Google launched its answer to Facebook, News Corp sold MySpace, the social networking site displaced by Facebook, for $35 million - $545 million less than it purchased it for in 2005, the New York Times reported.

  4. Social Networks Grade Google+ Project

    The much rumored social network from Google launched yesterday to mixed response. Given the product has only been shown to a handful of people and not in its entirety, a true review isn't possible. But you can be sure Google is monitoring reactions.

  5. Google Turns Off PowerMeter, Discharges Google Health

    Citing limited usage, Google has announced they will pull the plug on Google Health – a site for storing your medical history plagued by privacy concerns since launch – and turn off PowerMeter – an energy consumption monitoring tool.

  6. Do The Police Need Search And Social Gurus?

    With the recent capture of one of FBI's Most Wanted through the use of social media and other arrests that have been made with the help of online sources, is it time for law enforcement to start hiring online search and social experts to fight crime?

  7. Winklevoss Twins Row Away From Facebook Suit

    The Winklevosses and their partner Divya Narendra have dropped their legal dispute against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, deciding not to continue their Supreme Court action for more than the $65 million plus already awarded to them.

  8. Hostage Drama Unfolds On Facebook

    A woman in Utah was held hostage for 16 hours by a gunman who kept posting to Facebook and even posted photos of the two of them he took with his camera phone. His Facebook page become a popular stop for friends, family, and complete strangers.

  9. What Does AOL Mean To Huffington Post? All Our Links!

    The Huffington Post has started a flame war with the New York Times claiming higher online users, but the increase at HuffPo has been largely at the expense of AOL and not some sudden increase in popularity or search engine rank dominance.

  10. Google AdSense: The Greedy Billionaire 8-Year-Old

    Despite its $2.5 billion contribution to the company coffers last year, Google's second largest revenue source still causes pushback from the online world for click fraud, its financing of the spamming of the web, and its total lack of transparency.

  11. Canadian Watchdog Wants Privacy Audit Of Google

    Seems auditing Google's privacy policies and actions is becoming a popular demand these days, only months after the FTC required Google to submit to bi annual audits a privacy watchdog is demanding the same be done with Canada.

  12. CodeGuard Review: Free Cloud Site Backup

    If you have ever had your site hacked or mistakenly overwritten pages with bad code, CodeGuard may be just what you are looking for - an 'in the cloud' back up - this is a handy way to have your site backed up every hour, day or week.