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  1. UK Riots: Social Media Has The Message, Is The Message

    The UK riots are being discussed in terms of how social media was a crucial tool in creating the protests. Whilst the claim has some merit, it is the overall impact of technology that has provided quicker methods for sharing or gathering information.

  2. Yahoo Content Behaviorally Targets Success

    Yahoo’s CORE (Content Optimization and Relevance Engine) personalization technology has reportedly increased clicks to stories in their “Today” home page box by 270% since the company began using it in 2009. Seems behavior targeting has benefits.

  3. Are Cars Becoming the Ultimate Mobile Selling Device?

    New car technologies are opening new advertising opportunities for smart marketers to a potential audience that spends more than a billion hours per week in a vehicle. All online and mobile formats we currently use could also be done on four wheels.

  4. Google Logo Honors Mobile Inventor Alexander Calder

    Google logo today is of a mobile. Alexander Calder, born 113 years ago in 1898, may not have invented the baby mobile, but his large sculptures, dubbed mobile art because of the use of moving parts and wires, were the inspiration for the genre.

  5. Facebook Bans Advertiser Pushing Google+ Follows

    It appears Facebook is getting aggressive in the ad department and may be feeling the heat from Google’s social project. Facebook has banned the advertising account of one user who tried to gain followers on Google+ using Facebook’s ad platform.

  6. Google Offers Hit NYC, Oakland & San Francisco

    If you had signed up to receive more information on Google Offers and live in New York City, Oakland, or San Francisco, you should have noticed an email or two from them in the last day. And it seems Google is ready to launch Offers in more cities.

  7. Google's ITA-based Flight Search Could Launch Soon

    Google may soon be providing more detailed flight search results, including maps, prices and results based on searchers' IP addresses as the starting point for destinations. This product may put pressure on aggregators like Expedia or Travelocity.

  8. Yahoo Ranks Best Fireworks For Fourth of July

    Yahoo Travel editor, Deborah Hopewell, offers her top 8 locations to view fireworks and/or enjoy celebrating on the nation's birthday. Two east coast cities top the list - which makes sense given the revolution for independence started around there.

  9. Hungary Hungry for Hot Dogs on Fourth of July?

    Type in "hot dog" in Google Insights for Search and look at their results by country searches- the number one result is Hungary. To think there were more searches for hot dogs in Hungary rather than the USA, suggests someone is playing a little joke.

  10. New Search App Could Make Hooking Up A Lot Easier

    Singles are always looking for bars with the right percentage of potential partners. Using facial recognition software, SceneTap is an app that can tell you the ratio of men to women at participating bars. However, will it be a hit with the ladies?