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California Affiliate Tax Becomes Law

Support Small Business Oppose California Bill

If you are an affiliate marketer living in California you could be losing a lot of your vendors. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the state's budget, which includes the affiliate nexus tax, signaling tough times for many online small business owners.

Do The Police Need Search And Social Gurus?


With the recent capture of one of FBI's Most Wanted through the use of social media and other arrests that have been made with the help of online sources, is it time for law enforcement to start hiring online search and social experts to fight crime?

CodeGuard Review: Free Cloud Site Backup


If you have ever had your site hacked or mistakenly overwritten pages with bad code, CodeGuard may be just what you are looking for - an 'in the cloud' back up - this is a handy way to have your site backed up every hour, day or week.