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Google Issues Panda Update Alert


Google Spam Czar Matt Cutts tweeted the other day about more Panda updates coming and speculation is these may become regular. In the past, he would use his blog to post what came to be called 'Weather Reports' about upcoming algorithm changes.

Google Earth Passes 1 Billion Downloads


Google Earth, which launched in 2005, has been downloaded more than one billion times on the desktop, mobile, and Google Earth plug-in. Google has released a new video and website gathering various stories about interesting Google Earth usage.

Baidu Launches International Marketing Efforts

Baidu logo

Dominant Chinese search engine Baidu quietly launched more of its international efforts with the help of a Singapore-based partner and their new website - Baidu International - and a Twitter account to start following people in the search industry.

Yahoo Sale Getting Closer?

Yahoo for Sale

Goldman Sachs and Allen & Company are helping Yahoo gather the financial information and prepare the due diligence needed prior to a sale. These moves have a number of major news media speculating on who potential buyers could be this time around.

Google + Beer Brewing = Google Beer Goggles?


A limited edition beer called URKontinent is being produced by Dogfish Head brewery with the assistance of some Googlers. While several Googlers helped suggest ingredients, the company actually provided one - honey produced at the Hive Plex.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz Fired By Phone


Yahoo Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock fired CEO Carol Bartz over the phone today. The struggling company named CFO Tim Morse interim CEO. Yahoo has formed an "Executive Leadership Council" to support Morse until a full-time CEO is appointed.

Slide Kicked Out of Google's Social Playground


Despite spending $179 million acquiring Slide a year ago, Google has decided to shut down the social apps startup. Slide founder Max Levchin is leaving Google; the rest of the team will be folded into other Google products, YouTube predominantly.

Google Panda 6 Months Out Still Has People Baffled


Panda has created a scenario where publishers who don't embrace SEO are condemned to feel the sting of what happens when they don't. SEO DOES WORK but you can't rely on your father's methods anymore and you have to understand your industry.

5 Mobile Marketing Tips From Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum Speaking The First Mobile Phone

Search Engine Watch recently spoke with the author and CEO, who shared her top tips for marketers getting involved in the mobile space, including coding, where to focus your efforts, how to promote it, and how to further educate yourself.