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Google Front & Center at SOPA Piracy Hearing


If passed SOPA would make search engines and hosting services block "rogue websites" on a judge's order. Opposed by Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and many others, Google's Eric Schmidt called the legislation "draconian" and "censorship."

Google Maps Highlights Google Local Recommendations


Google has added highlighting for businesses in their maps that are tied to recommendations users make through their Google account and others the company thinks match their reviewed locations, further distancing users from review sites like Yelp.

Porn Comes to Google TV via Vivid App


Vivid Entertainment now has a dedicated channel at Google TV - the first official adult content channel to be streamed to television sets via the Google TV application. Will porn increase the flaccid sales of Google TV's set top devices?

Adobe To Stop Developing Flash For Mobile


HTML5 has become the new flavor for rich media development and with this new direction of Adobe combined with the growth of mobile devices to access the web, it would seem as if Flash may become a deprecated programming language eventually.

Google Launches Job Search Engine for Veterans


In support of President Obama's call to help returning U.S. veterans and right before Veteran's Day, Google is promoting a government project - a custom search engine for veteran jobs. So far, more than 500,000 jobs are "veteran-committed."

Getting Arrested? Now There's An App For That


Occupy Wall Street has inspired some action - the creation of the "I'm Getting Arrested" App for Android. A software developer decided to build the app after a friend's girlfriend was about to be arrested at OWS. Coming soon to iPhone.

Halley's Comet Appears in UK Google Logo

Halleys Comet Google Doodle

Edmond Halley, the English astronomer who computed the orbit and named the famous Halley's Comet (last seen in 1986), was born on this date in 1656. Today, in honor of Halley's birthday, a special logo appears on Google's UK home page.

Google Tests Sources Feature in Search Results


Google has confirmed they are testing a new feature, Source boxes, that appear to the right of organic search results for some queries when no ads are present. This latest addition to Google's SERPs may end up decreasing click-through rates.

Cloaking: A Guide From Google


It seems Google will err on the side of purity and penalize sites not following their directions. Comments such as, "There is no such thing as white hat cloaking" show Google really needs a better understanding of how the web is developing.

Google Subtracts Advanced Search + Operator


Google has made a change to the way advanced searches are done, much to the annoyance of numerous power users. Google no longer is allowing use of the plus sign (+) operator to indicate mandated inclusion in the search result offerings.

Motorola Stockholders to Vote on Google Merger


Motorola Mobility stockholders will vote Nov. 17 on the company's acquisition by Google for $12.5 billion. Shareholders who held stock on Oct. 11 get to vote. Since the August offer, the Motorola stock has gone from around $22 a share to $38.

YouTube Wants to Put You in Space


YouTube is starting a competition for students to suggest an experiment to be done in outer space and prizes include space training. As part of their newly launched Space Lab channel, YouTube wants to inspire future space travelers and scientists.