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Frank Watson


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Frank Watson has been involved with the Web since it started. For the past five years, he headed SEM for FXCM -- at one time one of the top 25 spenders with AdWords. He has worked with most of the major analytics companies and pioneered the ability to tie online marketing with offline conversion.

He has now started his own marketing agency, Kangamurra Media. This new venture will keep him busy when he is not editing the Search Engine Watch forums, blogging at a number of authoritative sites, and developing some interesting online community sites.

He was one of the first 100 AdWords Professionals, a Yahoo and Overture Ambassador, and a member or mod of many of the industry forums. He is also on the Click Quality Council and has worked hard to diminish click fraud.

Articles by Frank Watson

  1. Join Us For Search Bash at SES San Francisco 2012

    One must-attend event during the SES San Francisco conference next week will be Search Bash. Those of us who have been to an SES conference before know it’s the place where some of the best networking gets done. Register now to avoid missing out!

  2. Dear Marilyn, Thankyou for Making Us Great

    The search marketing industry is losing one of its longest members, someone many may not know, but a person who has contributed to the success of what we all do. This is an open letter to thank her for making us all great.

  3. Google Expected to Deliver Amazon Prime Competitor

    Google is looking to create a service that lets consumers shop for goods online and receive their orders within a day for a low fee. The move is a direct challenge to Amazon's Prime membership program that offers fast shipping for no extra charge.

  4. Feds Grabbed 130+ Domains Prior To Cyber Monday

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement grabbed more than 130 sites this year, including counterfeit clothing sites and those that charged directly for services. Why is SOPA needed if the courts are issuing these warrants for website takedowns?

  5. Microsoft's Yahoo Bid May Have the Right Stuff

    The Silver Lake consortium, which includes Microsoft, is one of a number of parties bidding for a minority stake in Yahoo, but their offer has a number of factors that makes them a major contender – including a new CEO with a proven track record.

  6. Google Marks Egypt Elections with Doodle

    Today, Egyptians began voting in the first election since dictator Hosni Mubarak was ousted. To mark the occasion, Google Egypt posted a Doodle with a design similar to logos Google has posted in other countries to draw attention to elections.

  7. Google Shutting Down Knol & 6 More Failed Products

    In what is the third installment of Google's "off-season spring cleaning series", more products are being terminated or integrated into other products. Aside from Knol, Google has killed Wave, Gears, Friend Connect, Timeline, and two more.

  8. A Black Friday Marketing Checklist: Are You Ready?

    Ecommerce sites face their busiest days at the end of the week, so before we break for turkey, go through this basic Black Friday checklist – covering everything from social media, to PPC, to analytics, to promotions – to make sure you're ready.

  9. Latest Google Weather Report: Panda Squall Warning

    Google has issued another algorithm Weather Report. While Google notes it is supposed to only affect less than 1 percent of searches, with 11.9 billion searches per month, this could potentially impact millions of results and thousands of sites.

  10. Doctor 'Defamed' on Ripoff Report, Sues Google

    An Australian doctor has brought a defamation suit against Google over Ripoff Report listings claiming she stalked psychics. She contacted Google to remove the listings - there are five listings at Ripoff Report - but the company refused.

  11. Flash, HTML5 Battle Gets Trendy With Occupy Websites

    The battle between promoters of HTML5 and Flash is trying to coattail on the current popularity of the Occupy movement with two websites. was the first site, then was created - using a similar layout.

  12. Google's Brin Donates $500K To Wikipedia

    Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin donated $500,000 to Wikipedia this week during the company's annual fundraiser. If you have been to Wikipedia this week you would have been hard pressed to avoid Founder Jimmy Wales personal plea.