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Eco-Driven Travel Search Sites that Marketers Haven't Exploited (Yet)

Earth Day and the green living movement has mainly become an attempt by marketers to squeeze out every last bit of attention, traffic, and revenue from a trend that makes us all feel better about living in a consumerist society. But there are still a few search-driven sites making eco-friendly tourism and sustainable travel a reality.

2009 is a Year of Change for Travel Search Marketing

The economy is forcing travel search marketers to change the way they approach online marketing. The travel vertical is already one of the most advanced groups of search marketers, but the industry has been under more pressure in recent months to make their campaigns count.

5 Tips for Travel Search Marketing in a Down Economy

Speculation has been rampant about how the travel industry will weather the economic storm, while search marketers everywhere scramble to squeeze whatever they can out of marketing budgets before they dry up completely. Here are five tips that may help stretch your budgets in the short term and grow your business in the long term.

Travel Brands Walking a Social Media Tight Rope

As if major airlines don't have enough trouble these days, two well-known brands are in the midst of a very public online reputation management crisis. Internal corporate communications must catch up to the new platform -- and fast. We're still seeing effects of internal PR groups attempting to control the conversations, and put forth very specific messaging. It simply doesn't work in this new social environment.

The New Era of Travel Affiliate Marketing

As the travel segment gets increasing crowded, and the major online travel agencies continue to build brand identity, the race to leverage new opportunities in search and social media is most definitely on for smaller players.

Getting Vertical Search Right: A Sneak Preview

At SES San Jose later this month, a panel of experts will discuss vertical search in a Googlized world, where we've created more advanced users by simplifying search. So in the search for the next big thing, it's about providing a search service that is just above that highly set bar.

Key Themes in Online Travel

SEO and PPC play important roles for online travel sites. But the space is getting crowded, and costs are going up. Where's the online travel market heading in the second half of 2008?

Travel Search 2.0 -- Know Your Audience

The online travel industry has the benefit of being one of the most mature verticals in the Web today, and because of that, any new entrant has to seriously consider their value proposition and how they fit into the Travel 2.0 space, and remain laser-focused on their core differentiator.

What's In Your Travel Tool Bag? - Part 2

Are we just so mesmerized by the glitz and glam of the coolest, latest and greatest flavor of the day that we've become oblivious to basic principles of marketing? How about creating a product that fulfills a specific need, is well positioned against its competition, is priced appropriately, and is promoted within the right context?